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KP Scrub

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Keratosis pilaris- it goes by a few names, including "chicken skin" (gross), but we call it KP.  It's a skin condition that leaves the surface of the arms, legs and sometimes face covered in little red bumps and white pimple-like bumps.  One of our family members suffers considerably with it, so we did some research.  According to the information we found, KP needs to be handled in a few ways, not just one, so we formulated a three part system: KP Scrub, Eilif Blend oil and KP Solid Lotion.


Here we have our KP Scrub- 8 ounces of sugar and coconut goodness with skin loving essential oils.  The sugar will be a little less abrasive than a salt scrub on stressed skin.  We recommend scrubbing the affected skin with the KP Scrub, then applying the Eilif oil after you've toweled off, then follow that up with the KP Solid Lotion.  We began seeing improvement in as little as three days, although we anticipated a minimum of three weeks.


As usual, we are not doctors or miracle workers, nor candlestick makers and don't claim to be.  These are simply the products we use and love ourselves.  As with any essential oils, we recommend testing a spot on your ankle or wrist to check for any sensitivities or allergies. 

Approx 8 fl oz

Ingredients: granulated sugar, coconut oil, essential oils: lavender & lemon, lavender buds, lemon zest.