Flu Bomb Essential Oil Blend
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Flu Bomb Essential Oil Blend

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Perfect to stave off that cold or flu you can feel coming on.  Apply to wrists, bottoms of feet, chest, back of neck and along spine at the first signs and every hour while suffering with a flu or cold. 

10 mL Roller bottle

Safety:  Always dilute essential oil blends with a carrier oil to prevent skin burns. Not for ingestion- topical (roller bottle) and diffuser use only. When using topically, spot test first for any possible allergic reactions.  Use with caution in pregnancy.  Avoid direct sunlight on application areas for up to 12 hours.  Can irritate sensitive skin- test a small spot first.

(Ingredients: Sweet almond oil, essential oils: lemon, melaleuca alternifolia, frankincense, oregano, thieves, peppermint)