Fire Ciyder Bouquet & Recipe Card
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Fire Ciyder Bouquet & Recipe Card

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  We’ve collaborated with the incredibly talented Wild Veggie Bouquet to offer an incredibly unique item to our local customers! All of the ingredients you need for our Pomegranate Orange Fire Ciyder are beautifully arranged and accompany our recipe card for a fast version and a slow version! All you need is apple cider vinegar and honey! 

    Fire Cider (name first used in the 1970s by Rosemaey Gladstar) is a warming concoction based on herbal folk medicine traditions. It is thought to boost immune systems, assist in warding off colds and upper respiratory infections, improve high blood pressure, increase circulation, and a wide range of other affects! This recipe makes approximately (8) 8 oz bottles and will last 8-12 months when refrigerated. 

    We do not present ourselves as doctors, therefore we do not attempt to treat, cure or diagnose illness. Please see you regular health practitioner if you have any questions or concerns. Fire Ciyder is not recommended for those with kidney disorders or diseases, people with ulcers or gastrointestinal inflammation. It is also not recommended for Pitta constitutions for extended amounts of time, as it may aggravate an already warm position. 


Ingredients: pomegranate, onion, orange, turmeric, horseradish, garlic, lime, cayenne peppers.