Elderberry Syrups & Tinctures
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Elderberry Syrups & Tinctures

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The first sound of sniffles is all it takes in our house to break out this syrup!  Elderberries soothe coughs and respiratory concerns, but more importantly, can boost the immune system and help ward off the flu, or even shorten duration and intensity of the flu if you are already sick. Also a great fever buster if used in the early stages of a cold or flu!

Not recommended for children under the age of one. Preventative doses can be taken during the cold and flu season, but “sick” dosages shouldn’t be taken for more than 5 days.

8 fl oz. syrup or 2 fl oz tincture

Disclaimer: we do not attempt to diagnose, treat, or cure any diseases. Please see your regular physician in conjunction.  

Syrup Ingredients: distilled water, elderberry, raw honey, rosehips, cinnamon, cloves.

Gummy Ingredients: distilled water, elderberry, raw honey, gelatin, rosehips, cinnamon, cloves.

Tincture Ingredients: grain alcohol, elderberry.