Eilif Essential Oil Blend
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Eilif Essential Oil Blend

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Eilif, the Norse word for 'immortal' was the perfect name for our anti-aging essential oil blend.  Packed with skin penetrating and nourishing oils, this oil is suggested to help blemish prone skin, such as sun spots, fine lines and imperfections.  We've incrperated oils like frankincense, known for its healing qualities and helichrysum oil, reputed to be worth it's weight in gold, from South Africa.  It targets sun-damaged and mature skin with the added benefits of anti-anxiety factors.  Ancient Greeks used helichrysum to treat their wounded warriors! With the addition of carrot seed oil, a big skin repair player, we've integrated it into our KP (keratosis pilaris) set as well!    

 Safety:  Always dilute essential oil blends with a carrier oil to prevent skin burns. Not for ingestion- topical (roller bottle) and diffuser use only. When using topically, spot test first for any possible allergic reactions.  Helichrysum is not recommended for pregnancy, so please avoid using Eilif at that time.

Ingredients: Sweet almond oil, essential oils: lavender, helichrysum, frankincense, ylang ylang, grapefruit, cypress, carrot.