Soooo.....which class is which?

May 22, 2018

Soooo.....which class is which?

We get a lot of interest, and therefore questions about our classes, so here's a little guide to help you out!

Basics of Herbalism 101- This class is the introduction to basic concepts of herbalism.  How to pick quality herbs, how to store them, and the most common ways to use herbs- without destroying or damaging their amazing properties!  This class is the best one to take first if you're interested in herbs and/or essential oils.

Basics of Herbalism 102-  This class finishes up the basics of herbalism that we started in the 101 class.  it goes a little more into depth on a few remaining ways to prepare herbs, touches on some folk medicine practices, and even includes a basic body system overview.  We highly recommend that you take the 101 class before the 102, just so you understand the terminology and have a smooth path.

Basics of Essential Oils 103 Safety and General Use- (formerly known as Basics of Herbalism 103) This one is a stand-alone class that can be taken just to familiarize yourself with the science behind how essential oils do and don't work, as well as the every important safety information! Because of the safety and usage information, this class is a required prerequisite for all other essential oil classes.

Basics of Essential Oils 104 Blending- we take essential oils further here, and teach you the components for creating balanced, synergistic essential oil blends on your own.  No more $60 blends! Please note- Basics of Essential Oils 103 is required before you can enroll in this class.

  At this point, all classes are $25, and include all teaching materials.  You can register and reserve your spot through the website by purchasing your class, or call the shop and be placed on the list.  Cancellations need to notify us at least 24 hours in advance to be moved to the next class date, or shift your payment to another class you would like to take.  Feel free to reach out if you have any questions!


But What's the Materia Medica Group About?

    The Materia Medica Group is something we created to help further the study of herbalism in our community.  A materia medica is a notebook that stores detailed, and in-depth information about individual herbs. Our meeting is a free group, hosted at the shop every third Saturday of the month.  Each time, we'll study a single herb in depth for a hour long period.  There is no cost, no sign-up sheet, and no reservations.  Just show up with your pen and notebook! (You do not have to take any of our classes previous to joining the group).